Understanding the complex interplay of micro- and macronutrients and neurodevelopment is key to moving beyond simply recommending a ‘good diet’ to optimizing nutrient delivery for the developing child.
— The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)

Nutrition guidance from infancy through adolescence

During the growing years of life between infancy and adolescence, adequate nutrition is of the utmost importance. Proper nutrients for children not only fuel growth and development, but also play a critical role in optimal brain function and immune system health, impacting children's lifelong eating habits, quality of life and state of health. 

Pediatric Nutrition Therapy (PNT) partners with Pediatricians and other healthcare professionals throughout the Twin Cities, taking a multi-disciplinary approach to children's overall health and well-being. PNT provides the unique opportunity for families to work closely with a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist to thoroughly address each patient's individual nutritional needs. At PNT we realize that one plan does NOT fit all, every child is unique in their own way, therefore requiring an individualized nutrition plan. The goal of our practice is to enable your child to live a nutritious, healthy, and happy life regardless of age, medical diagnosis or feeding ability. Pediatric nutrition is a specialty area of practice, and PNT is honored to be a resource in the Twin Cities to help foster health, growth, and development of children using evidence-based medical nutrition therapy practices. 

Pediatric Nutrition Therapy was founded in 2017 by Registered Dietitian - Ann Westerhaus, RDN, LD. Ann previously worked at Children's Minnesota, serving as a pediatric dietitian at both the Minneapolis and St Paul campuses. She witnessed the incredible healing power of nutrition, particularly when utilized as part of a child's plan of care. Due to the lack of available outpatient pediatric dietitian services, many families are at a loss where to turn for their child's acute or ongoing nutrition needs. That is exactly why PNT is here for you- to fill the gap in healthcare when it comes to outpatient nutrition accessibility for children. Explore our services to see if Pediatric Nutrition Therapy could be of service to your family. Call today and join in on the journey to helping your child become the healthiest and happiest version of themselves!



“Ann has done so much for our family,” in particular my oldest son Alex. From day one we had questions about how much he should be eating, how often and all the other feeding questions first time parents have. Ann cheerfully answered each and everyone of our phone calls, most of the time they were daily. She talked us through the eating process; when to start baby oatmeal, when to introduce baby food and finally when and how to transition to table foods. She provided us with helpful handouts and age appropriate foods and portion suggestions. We used these handouts to plan our son's daily meals. Thanks to Ann, our son is happy, healthy, and is an outstanding eater." 

— M.D

"As a dancer pursuing my BFA, my schedule was hectic, frequently unpredictable and often led to scrambled mealtimes with less than idea food choices. Ann listened carefully to my issues and provided guidance that empowered me. She suggested strategies which allowed me to eat nutritiously, stick to my budget, and take control of my nutrition rather than letting my schedule and convenience dictate. Grateful!