Who We Are

Pediatric Nutrition Therapy's practice approach focuses on providing accessible nutrition direction from an expert in pediatric nutrition. PNT's services provide nutrition assessments, interventions and education sessions that are individualized to fit your needs in order to optimize your child’s nutritional status, health and ability to grow and thrive no matter what their stage of life or clinical diagnosis.  

Fueling our bodies with the proper nutrients is of the upmost importance, as it is the universal element for survival in life from birth to old age. Nutrition plays the most critical role in our health and wellness- specifically for children. Todays health care model has drastically changed over the years, leaving pediatricians pressed for time and under-qualified to address the ever-changing complex nutrition needs of children. Many outpatient dietitian services are inaccessible, with lengthy waiting lists due to high demand, leaving many parents hopeless and at a loss of how to address the ongoing nutrition needs for their child.

Let Pediatric Nutrition Therapy provide guidance to ensure your child's nutrition needs are met today, tomorrow, and every single day!

Mission, Vision, and Values

Mission: Providing accessible, individualized, evidence-based nutrition therapy for every child, from infancy through adolescence. 

Vision: To develop partnerships with families, healthcare professionals, and the community, serving as the leading expert in pediatric nutrition to provide interventions that promote adequate growth, development, healing, and health for all children. 

Values: Our core values are dependability, commitment, and empowerment

Meet Our Registered Dietitian Nutritionist


Ann Frey, RD, LDN, – Ann founded Pediatric Nutrition Therapy in 2017 after witnessing first-hand the lack of nutrition resources and the overwhelming need for accessible dietitian services for children and their families in the Twin Cities. Ann works closely with patients, families and physicians to develop realistic and achievable nutrition interventions that fuel healing, health and well-being from infancy thru adolescence. 

Ann graduated from Iowa State University with a BS in Food Science and Human Nutrition. She continued her education at Iowa State University, participating in their dietetic internship program completing 1200 hours of supervised practice. Ann has specialized training and experience in pediatric nutrition as she previously worked at Children’s Minnesota – St. Paul, working as part of the inpatient interdisciplinary team addressing the needs of medically complex children.

Ann has a zest for life and helping others. She enjoys the collaborative approach that each discipline brings to give patients the best care possible. Specific areas of interest include enteral nutrition, blenderized tube feeds, down syndrome, IBD, and cerebral palsy. 

In Ann's spare time she loves snowboarding, running, Pilates, traveling to Colorado, cooking, spending time with her husband, family and Bernese Mountain Dog named Bo.

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Watch the video below to learn more about Ann's journey as a dietitian and how nutrition has impacted her life both personally and professionally!