Recap: June 13th- July 5th 2019

Hope everyone’s Fourth of July was filled with friends, family, sunshine, BBQ’s and fireworks! I can’t believe we are almost half way through summer….why does winter DRAG on but summer always FLIES by!? As families continue with vacations, cabin weekends, summer camp schedules and activities, I hope my recommendations provide guidance on quick and healthy meals and snacks that you can feel good about when on-the-go!

As I continue with food product reviews I would love your feedback! Would posting a monthly recap be more helpful or do you prefer weekly posts?

Remember, if you click on the products below it will bring you to the product on Amazon that you can order right to your house to try! Not all of the items are sold on Amazon, but leave me a comment if there is product you would like to try but cannot find!

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Happy Healthy Shopping!

Chickpeas by The Good Bean:  Found in the snack isle by the nuts. Found at HyVee, Walmart, Target, World Market and Amazon.

Sweet PotaTOASTS by Caulipower: Found in the frozen foods isle by frozen vegetables. Located at Target, HyVee, Lunds & Byerlys, and Fresh Thyme

Brown Rice and Quinoa Cups by Minute Rice: Found by the rice at most local grocery stores

Chewy Honey Oat KIND Kid bars: Found in the snack/granola bar section of the grocery store. Can be found at Target, Walmart, Thrive Market, HyVee and Amazon

Chicken Nuggets by Applegate: Found in the frozen food section by frozen meats. Located at Lunds and Byerlys, Cub Foods, HyVee, Whole Foods, and Fresh Thyme

Frozen Greek Yogurt Bars by Yasso: Found in the ice cream isle at Target, Walmart, Cub Foods, Lunds and Byerlys, and HyVee

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Weekly Recap- Costco Finds May 20th-June 5th 2019

The past two weeks I focused on healthy Costco finds and swaps! Buying in bulk can be a huge time and money saver for busy families, however, you want to make sure your purchases are providing the best nutrition possible as bulk items will likely last awhile. Costco has some awesome healthy options in all food categories, so my hope is that this list can help steer you in the right direction when browsing the Costco isles. Try some new meals, snacks, and beverages I talk about, I promise you won’t be disappointed!  

As a side note, I recently updated the past blog posts, if you click on the products below it will bring you to the product on Amazon that you can order right to your house to try! Not all of the items are sold on Amazon (Costco items not included), but leave me a comment if there is product you would like to try but cannot find!

Happy Healthy Shopping!

Frankly Fresh Chicken Breast Burrito Bowl: Found in the refrigerated section of Costco

Veggies Made Great Veggie Cakes: Found in the refrigerated section of Costco

Nature’s Touch Avocado Chunks: Found in the frozen section of Costco by frozen fruits

Bai Variety Pack: Found in the beverage isle of Costco

Good Foods Cranberry Almond Chicken Salad: Found in the refrigerated section of Costco

Kirkland Almond Butter: Found in the condiments section by peanut butter at Costco

Kirkland Strawberry Spread: Found in the condiments section by peanut butter at Costco

Island Way Sorbet: Found in the frozen dessert isle of Costco

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Weekly Recap May 11th-19th 2019

This past weeks posts included a few snacks and a few frozen food items that would be quick and healthy this summer when schedules fill and convenience is key! Don’t compromise convenience for the health of your kids, there are plenty of options that can still fuel them and provide the proper nutrition they need!

Happy Healthy Shopping!

Skinny Pop Cinnamon Sugar Puffs: Found in the chip/popcorn isle of Target, Whole Foods, and Walmart and Amazon

NUT-Trition Planters Packs: Found in the nuts section at Target, Walmart, Walgreens, and Amazon

Jimmy Dean Breakfast Sandwich Delights: Found in the frozen foods isle at Target, Walmart, Hyvee, and Amazon

Alexia White Cheddar Riced Cauliflower: Found in the frozen vegetable section of Target, Cub Foods, Hyvee Driskills, and Amazon

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Weekly Recap May 6th-10th 2019 - Allergy Friendly Finds

Another Friday equals another blog post! Today concludes the week of focusing on allergy friendly food products! I work with many families in my private practice who have a child with a newly diagnosed food allergy. I know how stressful it can be for parents to find healthy and good tasting foods for their children with food allergies to provide balance and normalcy with eating. I will continue to share allergy-friendly foods as the weeks go on, but these are some of my favorite finds to get you started to help fuel your family!

Happy Healthy Shopping!

Siete Grain Free Tortillas – Found in the bread/tortilla section of Whole Foods, Fresh Thyme, Hyvee, Lakewinds, Lunds & Byerly’s, Festival Foods, Coborns, and Kowalski’s, online at Amazon or Siete’s website.

Daiya Mac and Cheese - Gluten free, soy free, dairy and lactose free. Found at Cub, Hyvee, Target, Lunds & Byerly’s, Fresh Thyme, Whole Food.

Annie’s Mac and Cheese – Gluten-free. Found at Fresh Thyme, Target, Hyvee, and Whole Foods.

Banza Mac and Cheese – Gluten-free, made from chickpea pasta. Found at Whole Foods, Target, Costco, Fresh Thyme, Walmart, Hyvee, Festival Foods.

Enjoy Life Lentil Chips- Found in the chip and crackers section of Whole Foods, Cub, Fresh Thyme, CVS, Hyvee, Lakewinds, online on Amazon or Enjoy Life’s website.

Bob’s Red Mill Egg Replacement- Found in the baking section of Target, Cub, Lunds & Byerlys, and Whole Foods, online on Amazon of Bob’s Red Mill’s website.

Simek’s Turkey Meatballs – Found in the frozen section of Target, Walmart, Hyvee, Cub, and Lunds & Byerly’s.

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Weekly Recap April 27th-May 4th

Happy Monday everyone, you can believe its MAY?!

Typically, I post weekly recaps and updates every Friday…but last week got away from me so here we are 3 days late (better late than never, right?!). This past week I reviewed some of my absolute favorite healthy products…. check out my Instagram to read details on avocado oil, Ripple pea-protein milk, quinoa bowls, and larabar mini snack bars!

Also, don’t forget, all of the items from weeks prior can also be found under the “dietitian favorites” tab above.

Happy Healthy Shopping!

Larabar Minis– Found in the snack bar isle at Target, CVS, Walmart, Hyvee, can be found online on Amazon, Ebay, or via Larabar’s website

Quinoa Ready To Eat Bowl – Found in the health market section of Hyvee

Ripple Dairy Free Milk – Found in the milk isle next to milk alternatives at Target, Hyvee, Cub Foods, Fresh Thyme, Lunds & Byerlys, and Whole Foods

Avocado Oil – Found with cooking and baking oils at Lunds & Byerlys, Whole Foods, Target, Walmart, Costco, Sam’s Club or online on Amazon

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Weekly Recap April 20-26th 2019

Welcome back friends! Another Friday means another weekly recap of the food products that were reviewed on my Instagram earlier this week! Also, don’t forget, all of the items from weeks prior can also be easily found under the “dietitian favorites” tab above. Happy Shopping!

Kix Cereal – Found in the cereal isle of most chain grocery stores

Barilla Chickpea Pasta – Found in the pasta/noodles isle at Walmart, Target, Lund’s & Byerly’s, Hy-Vee, and Amazon

Applegate Chicken & Apple Breakfast Sausage – Found in the frozen meats isle at Target, Walmart, Lund’s & Byerly’s, Whole Foods, Fresh Thyme, Lakewinds and Amazon

Dole Pineapple Tidbits in 100% Fruit Juice – Found in the canned fruit section of most chain grocery stores

Sandwich Thins – Found in the bread isle at Target, Walmart, Hyvee, Cub

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Weekly Recap April 12-19th 2019

Happy Friday everyone! Each Friday I will be sharing with you a recap of all the products I discussed on my Instagram over the past week! All of the items can also be found under the “dietitian favorites” tab above. If you’re looking for some kid-friendly, healthy food ideas when making your weekly grocery list, check out the different food category tabs, and watch for the new product additions each week!

How many different items are you going to try?! Which ones did your kids like? I would love to hear your feedback!

Siggis Yogurt – Found in the dairy section of most chain grocery stores (Target, Whole Foods, Hyvee, Lunds & Byerly’s, Cub, Walmart, Fresh Thyme)

Fairlife Milk with DHA – Found next to milk in the dairy isle

KIND Cinnamon Oat Granola – Found in the cereal isle (Target, Whole Foods, Hyvee, Walmart, Amazon, Lunds & Byerly’s)

Chocolate Chip RX Bar – Found in the granola bar isle (Target & Amazon)

Made in Nature Mangoes – Found by the dried fruit and nuts section at Target.

Happy shopping!

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