Nutrition Assessment Packages

Pediatric Nutrition Therapy’s approach to care consists of establishing the best nutrition treatment plans for children. This process can vary greatly from patient to patient and is not a one-time “quick-fix” but rather an individualized ongoing evaluation and application of nutrition interventions. Children are constantly growing and developing, so are their daily nutritional needs. It can often take time and patience when trying new formulas and feeding regimens, with ongoing evaluation of the effectiveness on the child's growth and health. Our package programs allow for multiple adjustments while working with our Registered Dietitian, determining a feeding plan that is viable and successful for your child. 

  • Initial Assessment

    Initial 60-minute consultation

    Dietitian to provide an individualized nutrition plan tailored to your child’s needs

    Nutrition interventions and recommendations communicated with your child’s healthcare team

    Thirty-minutes of ongoing provider support from our Registered Dietitian via email and phone


  • Follow Up Assessment

    30-45-minute follow-up appointment

    Dietitian to address goals and make changes tailored to your child’s needs and progress since previous assessment.

    Nutrition interventions and recommendations communicated with your child’s healthcare team

    Forty-minutes of ongoing provider support from our Dietitian via email and phone

  • Al La Carte Services

    Home-Based Assessment

    Pantry Evaluation

    Dietitian Guided Grocery Shopping Tour

    Sport Nutrition Consultation



Please call Pediatric Nutrition Therapy at 952-297-4785 for pricing and further details


Pediatric Nutrition Therapy is in the process of becoming an "in-network" provider with various insurance companies throughout Minnesota, including Medicare and Medicaid. We currently accept HSA cards and can provide families with a Superbill which can be submitted to insurance for potential reimbursement. Full payment is due at the time of assessment. 


  • Cash

  • Check

  • Credit card

  • Superbill provided upon request

  • Health Savings Account (HSA)

**OF NOTE: We want to provide the opportunity for all to benefit from our services as we truly believe in our mission and vision.  We are in the process of working to become an in-network provider, however this can be a long process. In the interim, please contact us to discuss payment if needed. 

CANCELLATION POLICY: Please make note that we must have a full business day in advance for a cancellation / reschedule notice (note that we are closed Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, and New Years so those do not count as a business day). Failure to do so will incur a $50 cancellation fee.  We book our appointments up to a month or more in advance, and last minute cancellations make it impossible to get another appointment scheduled in your spot.  Cancellation fees cannot be charged through insurance and this fee will be your responsibility to pay.