Pediatrician Referrals

Would your practice benefit from having a Registered Dietitian available to address your patient’s nutrition needs? As a Pediatrician, your time is valuable. Pediatric Nutrition Therapy is a unique service that is partnering with physicians all over the Twin Cities, working together to help streamline care and provide nutrition interventions and education for patients and their families with no cost, no contract, and no obligation to the physicians, rather just a referral to our services. 

There may be various reasons for a dietitian referral including but not limited to: food allergies, failure to thrive, tube feeding management, EoE, IBD, IBS, constipation, feeding difficulty, pancreatitis, weight loss, anemia, and other medical conditions that may be affecting your patients health. 



How to Complete a Referral to PNT

If you are ready to refer a patient, we will need a few items from you;

Step 1: Fill out our DIETITIAN REFERRAL FORM using the appropriate ICD-10 codes

Step 2: Fax or email us a copy of:

  1. Growth charts (if available)
  2. Most recent labs
  3. H & P
  4. Completed referral form

Fax: 320- 774- 6664

Secure email:

**Once the RD has seen the patient, we will fax a copy of the nutrition assessment details and interventions to you for continuity of care and communication. 


In-Service Opportunities

Interested in learning more about the importance of nutrition for your patients? Do you have a specific nutrition topic that is of particular interest to you and/or your staff that you would like to learn more about? Our dietitian would love to provide a lunch and discuss the latest innovations in pediatric nutrition. 

Contact us for more information!