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“Juggling the schedule and learning a whole new skill set is no easy task.

This is the reality of having a child with special needs. Pediatric nutrition therapy has really made things so much easier for our family's schedule. Breast milk was the obvious choice when he was born. Oliver's condition hinders his breathing and swallowing so all his nutrition goes through his g-tube. We couldn't have found a better resource than Pediatric Nutrition Therapy. There are so many pieces to nutrition, especially for a growing child. Once off the breastmilk, Oliver had a hard time adjusting to other foods. His digestive system needed to break things down differently. He was also producing a lot of gas. This has been the biggest obstacle for him. Ann helped us to find the best food for Oliver's health and wellness. Ann has calculated, formulated, and researched any and everything that we asked about. She is easy to talk to, and her schedule allowed us to see her as soon as possible. When I email her she responds very quickly. I was very surprised that she responds during the weekends. She is fair and non- judgmental. She may not agree with something we want for Oliver, but has no problem helping us try it. She has helped take a lot of time-consuming tasks and headaches away from us. The ultimate goal is that Oliver has optimum growth, continues building and strengthening muscle, and is healthy. Pediatric nutrition therapy is the WHOLE sum of the right foods, proper number of calories, having all essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber to help the bowels move easier. Oliver is a happy and healthy boy, he's thriving and doing things the doctors said he'd never do. Pediatric Nutrition Therapy is responsible for some of that success.”

-Beth G.

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“Nutrition has been a guiding principle of our family prior to having our first child, Royce.

I had visions of exactly how I’d want to feed my kids and expose them to different flavors, ingredients, and textures early on to shape their diet and taste palate. I never expected a rough road that began when Royce was 7 months old, when he was diagnosed with FPIES (Food Protein Enterocolitis Syndrome), a food allergy of the GI tract as well as a feeding aversion. With having limited ingredients to work with because of the allergy and limited types of foods because of the texture aversion, giving proper nutrition became a game of logistics requiring creativity and expertise. Ann has been an amazing trusted partner for us in our journey. Her detailed nutrition plans, expertise in FPIES, and simplified way of presenting often complex and confusing information have helped guide us and make the best choices for Royce. I also appreciate Ann’s willingness to hear our preferences and wishes and try to accommodate them into his diet. 6 months later Royce has gone from eating 5 foods to 23 foods and basically eating a normal diet. We cannot thank Ann enough!”

-Mackenzie K.

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“Ann has done so much for our family,

in particular my son Alex. From day one we had questions about how much he should be eating, how often and all the other feeding questions first time parents have. Ann cheerfully answered each and everyone of our phone calls, most of the time they were daily. She talked us through the eating process; when to start baby oatmeal, when to introduce baby food and finally when and how to transition to table foods. She provided us with helpful handouts and age appropriate foods and portion suggestions. We used these handouts to plan our son's daily meals. Thanks to Ann, our son is happy, healthy, and is an outstanding eater."

-Mary D.


"As a dancer pursuing my BFA, my schedule was hectic,

frequently unpredictable and often led to scrambled mealtimes with less than idea food choices. Ann listened carefully to my issues and provided guidance that empowered me. She suggested strategies which allowed me to eat nutritiously, stick to my budget, and take control of my nutrition rather than letting my schedule and convenience dictate. Grateful!”

-Amanda Z.



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